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Best Wool Carpets was established in 1982. Our production facility in Best in the Netherlands uses both traditional techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture this unique wool product.

The worldwide success of our high quality carpets is in the good hands of highly skilled craftspeople. All our stylish and modern wool carpets for international interiors are manufactured in The Netherlands.


Our wool carpet collection is sold throughout the world by an exclusive network of distributors. Best Wool Carpets forges loyal bonds between consumers and its partners: nothing welcomes you home like a luxurious wool carpet!

Best Wool Seaview 2018
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Best Wool uses the best nature has to offer and the best craftsmanship to create the best carpets for the spaces where you work, live and play.

To achieve this, we source our wool all the way back to the farmer. This allows us to guarantee the integrity and quality of the final yarn and final product.


Clients and end users know they can count on a wool carpet that meets the highest standards of quality. Flexibility is our watchword, as we know how things can change over time.


Best Wool Carpets will always try to meet the client's specific requirements in terms of design, colour, meters and delivery time. This flexible attitude lies behind the worldwide success of Best Wool Carpets, as does our commitment to working efficiently.

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